Gain control over your food waste with Smart Scale System
and stop wasting your money

Meet Fazla’s Smart Scale System, which measures food waste in detail and reduces your waste and waste-borne costs with data-driven insights.

Do you know that food waste is your business's highest hidden cost?

Between 5 to 35% of food purchased in food premises is wasted daily. In professional kitchens, tons of food are wasted yearly at different stages, such as purchasing, production planning, production, service, and after-service. In addition to its environmental and social impacts, wasted food causes a severe economic burden for businesses.

Waste generated during storage

Waste generated during production

Leftover food from buffet stations

Returned food by customers

The most significant barrier to controlling and reducing food waste is the inability to measure the waste generated during kitchen operations.

What you can't measure, you can't control.

Peter F. Drucker
Management Consultant

Start measuring with Fazla's Smart Scale System and reduce your food waste today.

With Smart Scale System, you can prevent food waste by measuring at what stage and in what amount the food in your business turns into waste while reducing waste-related costs and providing economic and environmental benefits.

food waste in your kitchen by up to 50% with tracking.
Reduce purchasing costs by up to 8% with analytics.
Get up to 7x return on your investment for Smart Scale System.
Reduce your CO2 emissions caused by food waste.
Mutfaklardan Fotoğraflar

Measure your kitchen's waste easily and in detail.

With Smart Scale System, an IoT product developed by Fazla for the HoReCa industry, measure and track the amount of food waste and the stage it occurs from production to service in your kitchen on a product basis. Measure the extent of waste that cannot be tracked due to the intensity of kitchen operations with, automatically generated analytics and reports in line with the data recorded by the system. Determine your environmental impact and economic losses due to waste. While quickly measuring and managing the waste with Fazla's Smart Scale System, reduce your purchasing costs and your business's environmental impact thanks to the reports generated after measurement.

Thanks to Fazla Smart Scale System,
save both money and the world!






How to use Smart Scale System?

Fazla's Smart Scale System makes it easy to reduce food waste and cut costs due to waste generation.

  • Smart Scale System

    Prevent waste generation with Smart Scale System.

    Smart Scale System

    See all the details of your waste map with the reports automatically generated after the measurement

    See how much waste is generated from raw material or food on a meal-by-meal basis, the categories of waste, the stages from production to service, and their cost and environmental impacts. Determine your waste reduction action plan intently and efficiently by following your waste generation trends and accelerate your impact.

    Develop new solutions to increase your profitability with Smart Scale System's reports


    Choose the Right Product for Your Kitchen

    You can choose the model that suits your kitchen space and your needs.

    With the industrial model, you can place large waste bins on top and use them without needing extra space. You can easily measure large quantities of waste from plates and sideboards.

    With the countertop model, you can prevent waste generation with a small space on your countertop. You can quickly measure your waste generated during the production phase or in smaller quantities.

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    Now, reduce your food waste with Fazla Smart Scale System and stop throwing your money away.