Experience authentic and profitable shopping
with a next-generation shopping platform.

Make profit with Fazla Market while making surplus products usable again.

Profitable shopping for everyone, for the earth too!

Fazla Market, the alternative shopping channel of every organization in the supply chain, brings together the surplus products of suppliers at discounted prices with buyers who can use these products.

While suppliers monetize their slow-moving inventory with Fazla Market, they also reduce waste generation in a safe and effective way. On the other hand, buyers access the products for their purchasing and supply planning at reasonable prices on the platform. With Fazla Market, suppliers and buyers save products at risk of being wasted and create financial value.

Product Types on Fazla Market

Products Nearing Expiration Date

Products with Packaging Damage

Inventory Surplus

Delisted Products

Fazla Market
for Suppliers

Fazla Market
for Buyers


Each stakeholder of the supply chain can create value with Fazla Market






A wide range of products is waiting for you at Fazla Market.

From staple food to snacks, cleaning and personal care products, from frozen foods to pet products and from various kinds of beverages to textile products… With Fazla Market, products you can’t find elsewhere are at your door with reasonable prices.

It’s easy to minimize inventory waste and create environmental, social, and financial impacts while shopping profitably with Fazla’s quality assurance.

Market Urun Yelpazesi

Safe and Profitable Shopping with Fazla Market

Fazla Market contacts with suppliers and purchase their surplus inventory.

The inventory is examined by Fazla and then listed at discounted prices.

Buyers make their orders from a wide range of products after creating their profile in minutes.

Fazla Market manages payment and logistics.


Some of the opportunities you have just missed

Some of the opportunities presented at our closed-circuit platform where we bring surplus products into circular economy…

Shop safely and profitably at Fazla Market,
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