Food is the most fundamental need of all living things on earth; it is the source of life. This most precious treasure also contains the power to unite the whole world. But humanity wastes 1 in 3 of the food produced yearly. Today, 14 of every 100 foods we produce are wasted between harvest and retail, while 17% are wasted at the steps that touch individual consumers, such as retail, food service, and the home. This waste is caused by limited infrastructure along the supply chain, inadequate logistics and storage systems, problems in production and supply planning, and poor consuming habits.

Food Industry and Its Effects

Food lies
at the heart of our business.

Services Where We Create Value Out Of Surplus

Through Fazla Market, we purchase surplus food aging in the stocks of our supplier network and list them at discounted prices after quality examinations, for buyers to access products for their purchasing and supply planning at reasonable prices.

With our digital Donation platform, broad stakeholder ecosystem, and food banking network reaching all corners of Turkey; we deliver surplus food to those in need, creating social, environmental and financial value out of surplus while strengthening the social impact of businesses.

Regardless of the product's category, we bring the surplus food of institutions that are unsuitable for human consumption into the circular economy by using it in animal feed production through our digital platform and with the support of our expert staff.

With our impact-oriented Recycling service, we bring different food wastes that are not suitable for human or animal consumption into the circular economy through a single point, providing financial advantages to businesses while transforming their environmental impact into positive.

We monitor waste generation in professional kitchens with the Smart Scale System, which measures how much and at what stage food turns into waste on the basis of meals, products, and costs. We reduce businesses' purchasing costs and carbon emissions by enabling waste-reducing actions thanks to the reports created automatically with the data collected by the system.

With Fazla Iyi application, we bring together food and beverages of local businesses that do not have a chance to be sold during the day inside surprise boxes. We connect the surplus products of stores that are waiting on their shelves to meet customers; with consumers at discounted prices while increasing food accessibility, preventing waste and creating financial advantages.

We transform businesses' sustainability goals into succesfull actions with our Sustainability Consultancy services tailored by our expert staff accordingly to the brands' needs and requirements. Through the services we develop, we enable organizations to create tangible, long-term, positive impacts; we strengthen their corporate identity and communication.

Let's come together and create value out of surplus.