Various types of chemicals have become an essential part of our lives, especially in the last 40 years. Many cleaning materials we use in our homes such as detergents, personal care products that are a part of our daily life, and various chemicals such as liquid fuel and batteries, can seriously disrupt the balance of nature after they turn into waste. When not managed in an environmentally responsible manner, these wastes pollute the soil, water, and air while endangering life. With sustainable waste management, it is possible to bring these wastes into a circular economy and to utilize these wastes as feedstock.

Chemical Industry and Its Effects

Services Where We Create Value Out Of Surplus

Through Fazla Market, we purchase surplus chemical products aging in the stocks of our supplier network and list them at discounted prices after quality examinations, for buyers to access products for their purchasing and supply planning at reasonable prices.

With our impact-oriented Recycling service, we bring businesses' chemical waste, such as dyes, cosmetics and chemicals into the circular economy through a single point, providing financial advantages to businesses while transforming their environmental impact into positive.

We transform businesses' sustainability goals into succesfull actions with our Sustainability Consultancy services tailored by our expert staff accordingly to the brands' needs and requirements. Through the services we develop, we enable organizations to create tangible, long-term, positive impacts; we strengthen their corporate identity and communication.

Let's come together and create value out of surplus.