Fazla Iyi for Consumers

#fazlaiyi way to both save your wallet and
our world with discounted shopping!

Discover new stores. Save money while shopping. Fight afainst food waste. Save our world.

Why are we here?

In Turkey, we waste 93 kilograms of food per person annually. With Fazla Iyi, we are here to avoid waste, save money with discounted shopping, reduce the harmful effects of food waste on our world, and fight against the climate crisis.

Discover your neighborhood.

Get to know the good businesses in your neighborhood.

Enjoy discounted shopping.

Shop with
a 50% discount and
save your money.

Experience the surprise boxes.

Get hyped up
when you shop for surprise boxes.

Avoid waste and save our world.

Rescue #fazlaiyi products from going to waste and save our world.
Gülen Surat

A Delicious Journey

Download the app and discover surprise boxes.

Discover #fazlaiyi products and the businesses around you through the app.

Buy the boxes of your choice with 50% discount.

Create your order to get the surprise boxes of your choice with discounts of 50%.

Visit the store during the delivery time slot.

Go to the stores at the slots specified by the businesses and pick up your surprise box.

Avoid waste and save our world.

Avoid waste production while saving money on your shopping and save our world.

0 +
The number of businesses that fight against food waste with us
10000 +
The number of consumers that joined the movement of rescuing our world
500 +
The number of #fazlaiyi surprise boxes that are saved in this journey

Every surprise box is a new thrill.

With Fazla Iyi, discover surprise boxes full of delicious foods and beverages from the stores around you and easily save money with 50% discounts.

When you don't have enough energy to prepare dinner, when you can't decide what you want to eat, or when the end of the month is only a couple of days away...
Fazla Iyi is always with you.
Gülümseyen surat

What awaits you in Fazla Iyi?

Hamburgers made from meat nearing their expiration date in the freezer
Vitamin-packed vegetables and fruits that are not preferred because of their shape or color
Food on grocery store shelves with approaching expiration dates
Croissants hot out of the oven in the morning but unsold
Various stews, pilafs, and salads that are produced with great effort but cannot be sold and left in pots at the end of the day

Is there a store that you want to see on Fazla Iyi?

After receiving your request, we will be contacting with the stor immediately.

Lets socialize!

Follow the colorful world of Fazla Iyi to be informed about the developments regarding the Fazla Iyi application, access the tips we share on sustainable living, closely follow the businesses that joined us in the food rescue movement and win #fazlaiyi awards with the competitions we organize.