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With our technology based, holistic waste management solutions, you can now prevent waste generation and create the highest economic, environmental and socail value out of your surplus while managing your waste with a trustworthy and easy to apply manner.

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Discover the source reduction and waste management solutions you need with our technology based holistic service portfolio and wide stakeholder ecosystem. With our comprehensive solution set, manage all surplus products from a single point, safely, quickly while tracing all the processes end-to-end.

Our Stakeholder Ecosystem


Bringing your surplus products that have date proximity, packaging damage, are delisted, or your production waste into the circular economy.

Retailer & E-Commerce

Prevent your surplus products that have date proximity or that are excess in your stock, to become waste.


Create value out of your surplus products that have date proximity, are excess in stock, or packaging damage safely.


Reduce your waste generation and create financial value with our technology based holistic solutions.

Food Bank & Association

Access donations and all the resources you need to build sustainable and fair systems while increasing your social impact.


Start your journey to create the positive transformation you pursue while raising the local awareness.

Animal Feed Producer

Reach out the necessary nutritional ingredients for your production processes at affordable prices and with easy access while utilizing surplus food.

Recycling & Recovery Facility

Gain easy and safe access to surplus products that you need for production processes in different waste streams from food to packaging, textiles to chemical.


Join us now to make sustainability a part of your daily life and create financial value while focusing on impact.

Let's come together and create value out of surplus.