We create value out of surplus together.

We strive to build sustainable systems and manage surplus products properly to bring them into the circular economy with the highest possible. With our holistic approach, we determine the suitable service for your surplus products, from food to textiles, packaging to chemicals, and make your impact visible with our end-to-end process management. We provide the insights you need to prevent waste by tracking waste, and help you reach out new consumers and bring them together with your surplus products.

We would like to thank our HoReCa ecosystem consisting of more than 500 brands with whom we create value out of surplus.

Services that you can create value
out of surplus with us

Reach out to quality products that are aging in suppliers’ stock, with the quality assurance of Fazla Market and save these products while reducing your purchasing costs.

Monitor waste generation in your kitchen with the Smart Scale System, and discover how much and at what stage food turns into waste on the basis of meals, products, and costs. Reduce your purchasing costs and carbon emissions by enabling waste-reducing actions.

Reach out to new customers with your delicious food and beverages that are awaiting to be sold while reducing your food waste and gaining financial advantages and save our world.

Turn your sustainability goals into successful action while leading the way in raising local awareness with our Consultancy Service tailored by our experts according to your needs.

Let's come together and create value out of surplus.