Save #fazlaiyi foods from going to waste.

Join Turkey’s number 1 food rescue application.

Why are we here?

In cafes, bakeries, greengrocers and grocery stores, restaurants, florists… Many businesses in our neighborhoods, foods and beverages that are in good condition remain on the shelves for various reasons. They become food waste at the end of the day. The resources are also wasted along with these products.
We are here to save these #fazlaiyi products that are faced to be wasted since they cannot be sold in time.

Reduce food waste.

Make profit.

Save our world.

Gülen Surat


Each year, 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste.
It’s up to us to change that. It’s time to act now!

0 +
The number of businesses that fight against food waste with us
10000 +
The number of consumers that joined the movement of rescuing our world
500 +
The number of #fazlaiyi surprise boxes that are saved in this journey
Gülümseyen surat
Gülümseyen surat

How does Fazla Iyi work?

Products in good condition are put together in surprise boxes.

Businesses gather their products in good condition in surprise boxes by categorizing and listing them on the app.

Products in surprise boxes are listed with a 50% discount.

Consumers discover these surprise boxes listed on Fazla İyi and buy the boxes they want with a 50% discount.

Consumers and businesses, hand in hand, prevent waste and save our world.

Users pick up the boxes they have purchased at the delivery time slot determined by the businesses. They prevent waste hand in hand with businesses and save our world.

Fazla Iyi Brands That Joined Us On This Journey


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