Fazla Iyi for Businesses

Convert Your Unsold Products into Income

With Fazla Iyi; reach out to new customers, convert your lose into income, reduce your food waste, save our world.

Why are we here?

You may have observed that some of the products you place on your counters and shelves with great effort every day do not always turn into sales for various reasons. Although these products are perfectly suitable for consumption, they create an economic burden for your business and cause adverse environmental impacts if wasted. With Fazla Iyi, you can save these products and protect our world while earning profit from your unsold products.

Earn additional income

your unsold
surplus products.

Increase your visibility

Reach new customers in the neighborhood and increase your traffic.

Create social good

Show your support to those in need with discounted prices.

Save our

Fight against waste
and save our
Gülen Surat

A Delicious Journey

Get your surprise boxes ready

Prepare your surprise boxes with #fazlaiyi products you can't convert into sales, and list them in seconds.

Pre-sell your products

Users can discover the surprise boxes around them on the app and pre-purchase the boxes of their choice.

Deliver boxes at the delivery time

Deliver surprise boxes full of #fazlaiyi products to the users who come to your store at the delivery time you set.

Save the world while avoiding waste

Turn products that would otherwise go to waste into revenue while preventing waste hand in hand with consumers.

Join us now to become one of these #fazlaiyi stores and save our world while turning your unsold products into revenue!

It's so simple to become a #fazlaiyi store!

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The number of businesses that fight against food waste with us
10000 +
The number of consumers that joined the movement of rescuing our world
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The number of #fazlaiyi surprise boxes that are saved in this journey

It's time to become one of the #fazlaiyi brands now!

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