With our technology based, holistic waste management solutions, we prevent waste generation at its source and recycle the waste into the circular economy with the highest environmental, social, and economic value.

Annually, 2 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste happen worldwide.

Today, we live as if we have two worlds. We do not pay enough attention to the use of resources in production cycles. We create more waste than the earth can tolerate with our consumption habits. The ever-increasing amount of waste and the failure to manage it safely and sustainably affects us socially, environmentally, and financially.

It's time to stop this trend and save our world.

We recycle surplus products into
the circular economy.

We develop technology based, holistic solutions to reduce waste generation at its source and recycle the waste with the highest economic, environmental, and social value. From food to textiles and packaging to chemicals, we introduce surplus products to the circular economy. We enable waste reduction and management by offering a variety of solutions to all stakeholders in the supply chain including producers, distributors, retail, the food and beverage industry, and individual consumers.

How do we save our world?

We have a holistic waste management approach that is developed in line with the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency’s “Food Recovery Hierarchy”, at the heart of our business. We identify the most appropriate hierarchy tier according to the business model of our stakeholders and the status of the inventory surplus they have and prevent waste generation at that source or utilize the waste with the highest value possible.

We create solutions for each and every stakeholder of the supply chain
by managing a large-scale partner ecosystem.

Thanks to our broad partner ecosystem; including stakeholders with inventory surplus and those who can utilize these supplies, we provide holistic, tech-based services and ensure to create the highest value out of surplus.


Learn about us from our stakeholders

We are honored/pleased to be the first Turkish startup supported globally by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

As we set out, we focused on Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses. This target is at the heart of what we do, but our work also creates an impact on other target levels.

Our Impact Keeps Growing Day After Day

40000 Ton
the amount of food we have saved
60000 Ton
the amount of carbon emission we have prevented
the number of people in need we reach on a regular basis

We are proud to be a part of
B Corp movement.

We are proud to be part of the B Corp movement, a certification system that identifies pioneering corporations working for a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable world.

We are stronger than ever with the responsibility of being the first organization selected from Turkey as a B Corp in waste management.

The B Corp process, which we joined with a total score of 94.4 after the evaluations lasting more than a year, is just the beginning for us. We set sights high for the upcoming years.

Let's come together and create value out of surplus.