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On FAZLA, you’ll find the most delicious foods and beverages of the stores nearby with discounted prices. 

Explore discounted tastes. Fight food waste. Protect our planet. Discover stores nearby. Share this excitement!

How Does Fazla Work?



It’s So Good To See You With Us.

Unfortunately, 1 out of every 3 foods produced in the world it’s wasted. We can reduce this together.
By eating a discounted meal…
How Does? Come on.


Opportunities around you with FAZLA
catch it here.

Through the application, you can find the over-produced flavors of the companies at discounted prices, and you can buy the ones you like right away. Thus, you can save these fresh flavors by eating at an affordable price.


With surprise boxes every time
experience a new excitement.

Businesses bring together their fresh products, which they produced that day but could not sell, in surprise boxes for you. So you find different flavors in every box you buy.


Come and get the surprise box you like at the specified time.

After purchasing the box you like from FAZLA, all you have to do is go to the establishment at the specified time, receive your box and enjoy the flavors in the box.


Are you ready to embark on a food rescue journey now?

Come on, surprise boxes are waiting for you.
You’ll have a hard time choosing
one has to start!

Why Fazla?

Explore Delicous Tastes with Discounts

Buy the most delicious surplus food and beverage of stores nearby with at least 50% discount, save money


Save the surplus food and beverage of stores that will otherwise go to waste; help to reduce food waste.Protect the planet.

Taste The Surprise Box Experience

Discover the tastes that stores bring together inside your surprise box, purchase the one that you like, share this excitement.

ON THE MOVEMENT to combat food waste

At Plus Kitchen, we see social responsibility as a part of our daily lives with the values and principles we have. For this reason, we carefully monitor our social and environmental impact and always strive to set an example for the sector. FAZLA is an application that we are deeply committed to, that looks at our world with such sincerity and works to prevent food waste by putting sustainability at the heart of the business. We are very happy to create value out of surplus together.

Şuayİp Z.

Plus Kitchen

As Kem Küm Egyptian Vegan family, we take food waste issue very seriously. That's why, when we met FAZLA application, we immediatly took our places amoung this food rescue movement. We love and support FAZLA's purpose and effort to prevent waste. We observe that users who participate in the food rescue movement with FAZLA application are also happy to contribute to preventing food waste.

Hasan K.

Kem Küm Egyptian Vegan

I love this idea of surprise box! Thanks to FAZLA application, it is so exciting to try different and most delicious tastes in every box I buy, while finding food and beverages that are suitable for every meal of the day at an affordable price. With FAZLA, I can taste the products of restaurants that I do not know of, and I can try the news tastes of some of my favorite places. While doing so, I also prevent waste!

Sedef B.

It is so amazing to be a user of FAZLA while also working to improve the journey of this application. After long hours of analyses, meetings and presentations; it can be a challenge to also prepare dinner. On days like this, being able to take away my dinner from FAZLA the app that we put so much work behind and that enables you to save time and money is priceless. Besides all, being able to do good for our world in such a simple way with FAZLA is so exciting.

Aleyna K.

The thing that excites me the most about FAZLA is how it grows over time and this makes me take a part in the journey of FAZLA. We listen the comments and requests of our users and use them as insights to improve this food rescue movement. I am also a user of FAZLA application since the app makes it easier to do better for our world. And knowing that you can prevent food waste and discover new places and surprises with my friends is so much fun.

Merve K.

I really love this application which is both environmentall and wallet friendly. We discover the surprise boxes around uur universty with my friends between classes, share the food that come out our boxes and make a full lunch menu. Thanks to FAZLA, we also have the chance to meet with very sweet business owners that we did not know before. Thank you FAZLA!

Alİ E.

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Brands Fighting with Food Waste

NOW is the time to embark on a food recovery journey!
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