Bring your inventory surplus into the circular economy with the safest and high added value possible from a single point.

Our Recycling service determines the proper recycling and recovery solution for all your waste types. We provide reliable, fast, and benefit-oriented waste management with high-value-added methods.

Value-added solutions from a single point for all your waste

We determine the recycling and recovery method with the highest added value for all waste types, such as food, textile, chemical, and waste oil, covered by The Regulation on General Principles of Waste Management. Our recycling service provides 360 degrees of sustainable waste management.

We have recycling and recovery solutions for all waste streams, whether they are hazardous or non-hazardous.

We create solutions for all your waste streams, whether hazardous or not, focusing on environmental and financial benefits.

A new era in waste management

With Fazla’s Recycling service, all the solutions you need for waste management are collected at a single point. Entrust your waste, and don’t worry about the rest.

Start creating value out of your surplus from a single point and with a 360 degree, value-oriented manner.