Create value out of surplus food while supporting livestock farming

With our Animal Feed service, you can turn your surplus food that is unsuitable for human consumption into economic value with eco-friendly solutions that are reliable and easy.

We bring your surplus food into circular economy.

Surplus food unsuitable for human consumption is primarily used in animal feed production to maximize benefits. In this way, environmentally responsible use of surplus food helps to reduce the number of raw materials used in animal feed production. Thus, companies make financial gains, and animal feed producers reach the nutritional values they need at affordable prices.

your surplus food as raw materials for animal feed.

Reduce resource requirements in animal feed production.

Create environmental and financial value out of your surplus.

Animal Feed service helps you to utilize your food that is unsuitable for human consumption with a positive impact.

In this way, our Animal Feed service turns your surplus food into valuable products.

Any food that is in suitable condition can be used to produce animal feed.

Any food that is not microbiologically degraded or contaminated and approved by legislations can be used in animal feed production. Whether wafers, bread, biscuits, or cakes are delivered to the appropriate animal feed producers according to their nutritional value. In this way, unsuitable food for human consumption is introduced to the circular economy.

With the Animal Feed service, surplus food is utilized in the right ecosystem and becomes a benefit.

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With our Animal Feed service, utilize your surplus food that is not suitable for human consumption in a responsible manner.