We set out to save the world.

We embark on this journey in 2016 to become an exemplary social enterprise.

In 2016, Fazla Gıda set out with a single mission: building a sustainable business model to create an impact on the world, and serve as a model for Turkish youth in the field of social entrepreneurship.
Therefore, we started our work by examining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. We started developing solutions by focusing on the 3rd target under the 12th goal, Responsible Production and Consumption, halving per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reducing food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses.

Sustainable Development Goals We Focus On

As we set out, we focused on Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses. This target is at the heart of what we do, but our work also creates an impact on other target levels.

Food Recovery Hierarchy has given us a direction

We designed our services with the guidance of the “Food Recovery Hierarchy” issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

We launched our initial operations in 2017, pursuing social good.

We often heard the phrase “We don’t generate waste” in the beginning of this journey. We worked hard to break this mold and never gave up. We didn’t only change the way of doing business but also raised awareness. We triggered a genuine transformation.
Being aware of the donation culture and its potential in Turkey, we carried out our initial operations with donations. We completed these operations shoulder-to-shoulder with our stakeholders; we selected the products that are suitable for donation together, put them in boxes, and loaded them onto vehicles. We knocked on the doors of those in need and witnessed the impact of our work through the smiles we put on those people’s faces.
In the first year of our food rescue operations, we became the first Turkish startup supported globally by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

We developed tech-based solutions to reduce food waste and waste-induced carbon emissions. With the guidance of the Food Recovery Hierarchy, we launched Animal Feed and Biogas services to recover surplus food that is not primarily suitable for donation operations. As we continue to improve our impact and expertise day by day, we have identified new solutions needed in the supply chain for the first step of the hierarchy, reduction at source, by analyzing operation-based data.

While expanding our R&D efforts for reduction at source, we pursued our journey without being affected by the global pandemic. During the pandemic, we built an online shopping platform, Fazla Market, and ensured that surplus food at risk of being wasted was returned to use.
The Smart Scale System, which avoids waste generation by tracking waste in professional kitchens, was added to our portfolio as an IoT solution developed by our R&D team. Launching a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) business model, we also blazed a trail by launching the Fazla İyi application. Thanks to the application, we have included local businesses and consumers in the food rescue movement.

With the solutions developed and the operations carried out, we have been expanding our impact each and every day.

40000 Ton
the amount of food we have saved
60000 Ton
the amount of carbon emission we have prevented
the number of people in need we reach on a regular basis

Today, we are ready to manage all of your surplus products.

We always have a single question to ask when faced a global problem: What can we do? Such a proactive approach helped us introduce food circularity and our expertise to various waste streams. Today, we work to bring all surplus products, from food to packaging, textiles and chemicals, into the circular economy.

We'll be saving the world.

Fazla creates value with employees who work with passion.

Our dynamic and impact-driven team does not hesitate to take responsibility and pursues the same dream: a sustainable and fair world.

We manage the systemic change we dreamed of. For this transformation, we aim operational excellence encouraged by technology and innovation. While utilizing the waste generated throughout the supply chain with the highest value, we also focus on our main goal being reduction of at the source.

We push forward with our team, strengthening our impact and leading the waste management industry.

Fazla Has Become One of the First
Startups Selected for the Turcorn 100 Program!

We are proud to announce that Fazla has been selected for the Turcorn 100 Program, which identifies the most innovative and fastest-growing startups in our country! This achievement reinforces our commitment to innovative solutions in sustainability and technology.

“Turcorn” is used to define technology-based startups operating in Turkey that reach a valuation of 1 billion USD.

Initiated by the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology, the “Turcorn 100 Program” aims to accelerate the scaling and global market entry of technology startups that have successfully passed their early stages and possess high growth potential, thereby bringing new Turcorns to the Turkish technology entrepreneurship ecosystem.

At Fazla, we embarked on our journey with the mission of reducing food waste and creating a sustainable future. By combining technology and innovation, we provide solutions to minimize waste in the food industry. Our business model and the results we have achieved in line with these goals have been recognized by the Turcorn 100 Program, and Fazla has been selected as one of the first 15 startups in the program.

This success is not only the achievement of the Fazla team but also of all our partners, collaborators, and supporters who work with us. Thank you for being with us on this journey.

With the support we’ll receive from this program, we will take even more confident steps in our journey towards globalization.

We are proud to be a part of
B Corp movement.

We are proud to be part of the B Corp movement, a certification system that identifies pioneering corporations working for a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable world.

We are stronger than ever with the responsibility of being the first organization selected from Turkey as a B Corp in waste management.

The B Corp process, which we joined with a total score of 94.4 after the evaluations lasting more than a year, is just the beginning for us. We set sights high for the upcoming years.

A Selection of Our Recognitions

Accelerate 2030 Accelerator - 2017

We became the first Turkish startup supported by UNDP by recognized as one of the 9 global startups with being the one and only Turkish and food-oriented.

European Investment Bank Social Innovation Tournament - 2019

We were awarded with the special category prize ranking at the first place where social startups were selected.

MIT Solve - 2020

While being one of the 15 initiatives selected for the Sustainable Food Systems category, we became the first Turkish initiative supported by MIT Solve.

EBRD Star Venture Innovation Challenge - 2020

We became one of the 5 startups selected that continue to fight global problems effectively in times of the pandemic.

UN Food Systems Summit - 2021

We became one of the 50 startups and the only Turkish startup selected in the Good Food for All - Best Small Business Competition organized as part of the Food Systems Summit by the UN.

Meaningful Business 100 - 2021

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Olcay Silahlı, was selected as one of the 100 Most Influential Business Leaders in the world by the 2021 Meaningful Business 100 Program.

Ibrahim Bodur Social Startup Awards - 2021

For our cooperation with Food Rescue Association, we were awarded at the Cooperation Category at the Ibrahim Bodur Social Startup Awards's 5th year.

Future Unicorn - 2021

We became one of the three finalists in the Future Unicorn Award, organized by Digital Europe and where scale-ups with the potential to become technology giants from all over Europe compete.

Fast Company Corporate & Startup Day - 2022

We received our award as the 10th in the Startup100 list, where the fastest startups of 2022 were selected, at the Corporate & Startup Day organized by Fast Company.

Our Investors

Beyond being a company leading the waste management sector, we drive the transformational change to save our world.