Technology Based Holistic
Waste Management Services

We provide the most feasible, reliable and easy to implement solutions to prevent waste generation and create the highest value out of surplus with our wide range of service portfolio.

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It’s easier than ever now to reduce waste with our comprehensive service portfolio and wide stakeholder ecosystem. With our technology based, holistic waste management solutions, you can manage all the surplus products you have from a single stop in a safe, quick and traceable manner. Discover our services that enable you to create the highest financial, environmental and social value out of surplus now.

Our Services

Fazla Market

Prevent waste generation and make profit with our commercial online shopping platform Fazla Market.


Reach people in need with your inventory surplus that are at the risk of being wasted and create value.

Animal Feed

Utilize your surplus products unsuitable for human consumption for animal feed production while contributing to circular economy.


Bring your inventory surplus into the circular economy from a single point, gain financial benefit while creating positive environmental impact.

Smart Scale System

Measure your waste in detail and reduce your waste, waste-borne costs and carbon emissions with data-oriented reports.

Fazla Iyi

Monitize your unsold products while preventing waste and increasing food accessiblity for consumers with discounted prices.

Sustainability Consultancy

Create long-term, tangible and positive impact instead of cost with our consultancy services prepared in line with your corporate needs.

Let's come together and create value out of surplus.