Create Social Value While Preventing Waste

Through our digital donation platform and national food bank network, track and deliver your surplus that are at the risk of being wasted to those in need from all around Turkey. Turn your inventory surplus into benefit while earning financial gains with tax deductions.

More Than Just Social Good

Recover products that are at risk of becoming waste while complying with donation standards and deliver them to people in need and benefit from tax deductions. Turn your surplus into social benefit by avoiding waste and creating environmental impact. With Fazla Donation service, benefit from a technology-based infrastructure and national food banking network. Let’s build fair and sustainable systems for all together.

Prevent waste generation.

Turn surplus products into social benefit.

Empower your corporate communications.

Improve social awareness.

Social impact lies at the heart of our business.

Manage all your donation operations in Turkey with a single point of contact. Reduce your financial losses while providing an environmental and social impact.

Let's build fair and sustainable systems for all.
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We started our food rescue operations with donations.

Our first food rescue operation started with donations in 2017. Together with our stakeholders, we have carried out more than 300.000 donation operations across Turkey. In order to increase food accessibility and ensure that every organization joins this movement, we established a technology-based infrastructure and ecosystem that enable donation operations to be done with a single click.

As we expand our impact daily, we work hard to reach more people in need and create social, environmental, and financial value.

Let's come together, create value out of surplus and
reach out to those in need with donations.