We are Fazla. We are more.

We are Fazla. We are involved citizens who shoulder responsibility when our world is at stake. Impact is in our element, we thrive to create impact for the world with our competencies. When we see a problem, we get to work with resilience to invent a fair and sustainable solution. Beyond being a company leading the waste management sector, we spark and drive the transformational change to save our world.

make it

We are people of action. We are obsessed with delivery. When there is an impact to be delivered, we deliver no matter what and under all circumstances. We proceed boldly step by step, not under the stress of perfection but always seeking to do better. We monitor our progress continuously and take necessary steps towards improvement. We celebrate our achievements just as much as we enjoy the journey itself and savour having made it happen.

We focus on the job at hand and simultaneously behold the big picture. We not only treat the symptoms but also uncover the source of the problem. We act as one team not with dependance but with commitment through instant, candid and open communication. We stay fully aware and connected to seize opportunities to create impact and trigger systemic transformation.

We excel at
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see one million more.

the bar.

We are pioneers. Our passion drives us to stay up-to-date; research and develop new and creative ways of working. We don’t have “comfort zone” in our terminology, we constantly challenge the status quo and search for better. We eagerly expand our borders and go beyond the expected. We inspire anyone around us with what we do and how we do it. R&D is not only a department but a crucial part of our DNA.

We are gourmands of what we do. We shape the sector with what we do. We are curious and enthusiastically hungry for information. We believe in lifetime learning and relish both sharing and putting our learnings into action. Through continuous learning, we always seek exponential professional growth.

what we do.

the company.

We are the company. We all are leaders and do not stand back to take the lead where necessary. We make decisions not with hierarchy but with well informed intiutions and the will to create bold, long term and positive impact. We do the right thing all the time and anywhere. We are a dream team that shares the same vision, pursues it relentlessly and makes it the new reality.

Let's come together and create value.