Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the FAZLA App?

You can search for “fazla” on Google Play/App Store or find the related links on

Is there home delivery?

While trying to prevent carbon emission caused by food waste, FAZLA App brings food businesses and consumers together and aims to sustain the culture of the neighborhood. Therefore FAZLA works with the take away system where you go to the business and receive the surprise box you bought.

What happens if I miss the pick up time?

If you miss the pick up time, you can reach out to the business and ask if it is still okay to take your surprise box.

What if I don’t like the products in my suprise box?

If you experience such a situation, we recommend you to share the delicacies from the surprise box with your loved ones and invite them to the food rescue movement.

How can I be sure about food safety?

We provide the businesses participating in the food rescue app FAZLA with the essential information about food safety, and regularly check up on the businesses to refresh the food safety procedure. And our team provides 24/7 support to businesses and consumers in case of any problems that may arise during the food rescue movement.

In which cities is FAZLA available?

FAZLA App continues its food rescue movement in Istanbul!

We work hard to bring FAZLA to each and every part of Turkey and meet you all!