Fazlayı Faydaya Çeviren Takım

Olcay Silahlı

Co-Founder ve CEO

During my childhood, I spent most of the summer months in the fields with my grandfather. My most enjoyable memories of my childhood are driving a tractor, go to anchor, sitting in a corner of the field and waiting for the harvester for hours. I also experienced that moment in my childhood that I can never forget and that perhaps paved the way for me to become a “Thought Ambassador for Food”: the trucks coming to the garbage dump next to our field poured dozens of ice creams into this area. Whenever a truck came, we would go to him, ask him, collect the ice creams and distribute them to the women at the anchor. The turning point in my struggle with waste, which started at that time, was the One Young World Summit, which I attended in Dublin. After the summit, we started working with Arda to establish WholeSurplus in order to show that it is possible to do effective work for the good of the world and to develop a solution to this global problem. It has been 6 years since WholeSurplus was just an idea, and today I am happy to invite individual consumers to the food rescue movement with the FAZLA application. In addition to being a “Thought Ambassador for Food” I am the father of 2 children and when I am not working, I spend time with them; I enjoy touching the ground together and taking nature walks. Singing a couple of songs from time to time and strumming my guitar, getting together with the team to play volleyball, and hiking and exploring places I don’t know are among my hobbies.

Hasan Arda Eren

Co-Founder ve CTO

I’ve always been known as a curious kid. Growing up with new teachings from different disciplines in Antalya, the city I fell in love with, until my university life, would have calmed my curiosity a bit. With my interest in computers at an early age and my interest in the software world over time, I decided to study computer science at university. Immediately after my graduation, I continued my studies at the academy with my hunger for learning and development. I always had a desire to demonstrate my knowledge and develop facilitating solutions; One day, with the phone call from Olcay, I saw the area where I would fulfill this request. With the passion to spend what I learned for the good of the world and the development of the team that came together around this goal, we took our steps towards establishing WholeSurplus. At the end of 2016, we started out with 2 people on this road, as tens of people today, we offer an #fazlaiyi waste management system to our partners. I also enjoy traveling with my sister when I do not work actively and take time for myself. I enjoy doing camps with the team and doing various sports activities. Thanks to my curious nature, I am always open to discovering new places and trying new tastes.

Aleyna Koca

Marketing Assistant Specialist

When I was a child, I used to spend my summer months growing fruits and vegetables in the garden with my grandmother and grandfather. For this reason, I had the chance to witness the story of many foods from soil to table at a young age. Years after experiencing how hard this journey is, today, together with WholeSurplus, “No Waste”. I am happy to work for FAZLA. When I’m not working, I love reading about psychology, taking long walks, and rewatching my favorite episodes as a Friends fan.

Beyza Çokkeçeci

Project Assistant Specialist

As much as I knew myself, I was interested in the environment, nature and its problems. Through a National Geographic journal I read in high school, I was introduced to a world where food could have a greater impact on the climate crisis, perhaps even more than fossil fuels. That’s why I wanted to be at WholeSurplus after years and that’s why I love FAZLA. In my spare time, I love to take pictures of small creatures and objects, and learn languages ​​that are not very popular.

Burak Gündüz

Software Engineer

In a time when the climate crisis is getting deeper and the inequality of income distribution is increasing, working for purposes that will benefit not only yourself but also everyone is one of the most special feelings you can feel. And it is a great pleasure to be a part of the team that does this #fazlaiyi. Of course, while doing all these, there are also activities that I enjoy doing in my spare time. These are watching movies/series to the fullest, socializing and learning Italian.

Emir Okan Işıldar

Software Engineer

Ever since I was little, I was a hard thinker about social problems. As I grew up with this awareness, my passion for problem solving led me to engineering faculty. When I met Surplus Food, exactly what I dreamed of; o team that has the motivation to solve global problems with technology; I can say I found it. It motivates me to be able to solve people’s problems that I can empathize with, and to create products that will make their daily lives easier. Today, I enjoy working in this field because software is the way to do this more efficiently and on a large scale.  In my spare time, I like to play music and read books. I have been following Formula 1 for many years, and recently I have become interested in playing tennis.

Gülşah Kamiloğlu

Field Sales Manager

I believe sustainability is a way of life. The meeting of this concept with technology gives me hope. Every food we bring back into the cycle by saying #Fazlaiyi in WholeSurplus and every benefit we provide for world good brings me a lot of happiness. We protect what we have because we know that one day we will need it. While doing these, I like to do activities with my daughter, discover new places and meet new people, and try to understand different worlds by listening to their stories.

Hüseyin Umut Dokuzelma

Product Manager

I was a person who was involved in various fields of technology in every period of my life. As I lived and saw, I started to become more sensitive to environmental problems and the future of our world.  So my path crossed with WholeSurplus. Even the thought of making the world a more livable place with my work touching people’s lives is #fazlaiyi. As a product manager, I take great pleasure in producing, thinking and analyzing; In doing so, I contribute to our future. If I have to talk about myself, I have a large collection of movies and comics. When I’m not trying to save the world, I take pictures of toys, I’m interested in data science. In short, I’m a full-time Geek part-time Nerd!

Kemal Mutlu

Software Engineer

My interest in the software world started with my passion for playing games during middle school and high school.  I realized that I was going to be a software developer shortly after I realized this interest. Today, as someone who admires nature, I am happy to use my profession for the good of nature with WholeSurplus. When I spare time for myself, I do sports, I enjoy taking nature photos and watching the stars.

Kevser Büyük Aydın

Software Engineer

As a member of a team that produces technological solutions to reduce food waste, I feel very lucky to work at WholeSurplus. The benefit we create is my biggest motivation. When I’m alone with myself, I love doing sports, watching documentaries and sitcoms.

Koray Koçer

Marketing Manager

I met WholeSurplus while I was in search of a meaning. It was the beginning of a very pleasant journey for me to bring together my knowledge of the world of marketing with this team, which puts doing good works for the world at the heart of its work. I am very happy to be a part of such a #fazlaiyi team these days, where people from all walks of life are feeling the effects of the climate crisis more deeply. When I spare time for myself, I enjoy playing games with my son, playing a few songs from my university years and taking quiet walks. As a true burger lover, I also love to try new places.

Merve Küçük

Software Engineer

I enjoy producing, I think transformation for nature is much more than making leftover rice soup. But isn’t everything that we call “for nature” actually for ourselves, to stay alive and healthy? We have much more beautiful things to leave a legacy to this world than our carbon footprint. In my own world, I love speaking Spanish, traveling and exploring. I dance, sew and avoid waste with FAZLA App.

Pamir Yanık

CEO Office Manager

I have been very active since my childhood; My swimming life, which started in my primary school years, has made me a very vigorous person. I kept my active state with many social responsibility works that I took part in during my university years. Because of this character, the dynamic operation of enterprises has always attracted me.  When this dynamism was added to the goal-oriented work for the World and to carry the team spirit to the end, it was not difficult for me to find myself in WholeSurplus. Besides all this hectic adventure, when I spare time for myself, I enjoy trying zero-waste recipes, playing take – bring and dancing with my cat Kaplan.

Ece Demircioğlu

UI/UX Designer

The design has been in my life for as long as I can remember myself. I nurtured, grew up, and developed with it. I have adopted the culture of harvest and eating. In every aspect of my life, I rejected what I did not need, reduced my consumption, re-used what I consumed, and recycled what I could not use again. I had only one shortcoming; In the world where I use its resources and enjoy living and spending my efforts, my footprints were and will continue to be, no matter what I do. Since my footprint will remain, I wanted at least someone to follow my steps, I wanted flowers to remain in the places we stepped on, not damaged. My further journey started with this motivation and continues to grow. All this aside, I can’t stop thinking about design in my spare time, but I take long walks with my best friend Noodle, take pictures of everything I see, and wander through documentaries regardless of the subject.

İsmail Harmanda

Software Engineer

I am in a great happiness and peace of doing what I love around a #fazlaiyi idea for more livable lives on our planet, where sustainability has become one of the biggest problems not only of tomorrow but also of “yesterday”. As an engineer and software developer; It is just as enjoyable to gain experience in a great team that is dynamic, innovative, positive and attaches importance to universal values. I am a good reader and follower of movies/series. January-September is spent watching the Grand Slam for me. As soon as I get up from the screen, I spend a whole day trying to move and play tennis, which is my favorite hobby whenever I can.

Ahmet Kaptan

Software Engineer

My love for computers, which started at a very young age, was very effective in my orientation to the software industry. It is very pleasing for me to meet with WholeSurplus at a time when I can say very early in my software career.It is an indescribable happiness to feel that I left a mark on the world with WholeSurplus. In my spare time I am interested in American Football and Japanese Literature.

İlker Paltun

Field Sales Manager

I have always enjoyed chatting with people. It is a great source of motivation and happiness for me to be traveling every inch of Istanbul to tell about this #fazlaiyi movement started for the good of the world today. When I’m not working for the future of our world, I like to examine new vehicles with my passion for cars.I also enjoy spending time at home, I am very interested in home decoration.