Fazla – User Explicit Consent Declaration Form




I hereby agree, declare and undertake that within the framework of the Protection of Personal Data Law numbered 6698 (the “Law) and the Clarification Text submitted to my information by Fazla Gıda Anonim Şirketi (“Fazla Gıda”) in accordance with the legal sub-regulations related to such Law; 

in order for Fazla Gıda to carry out the necessary work and carry out activities in this direction by the business units of our Company; in order to conduct the commercial activities of Fazla Gıda in accordance with the legislation and Company policies; to fulfill the agreement regarding the service provided by the Company; to plan and execute the activities required to increase the user experience of the products and services offered by the Company and to recommend and promote these to the relevant persons by being customized according to the likes, usage habits and needs of the relevant persons; to carry out the necessary work and carry out the relevant business processes by our business units; in order to provide benefit the relevant persons from the products and services offered by the Company and to increase the experience of these users; to ensure the legal, technical and commercial occupational safety of the Company and the related persons in business relations with the Company; to plan and execute the commercial and/or business strategies of the Company;

my personal data given below and personal data of special nature, which are name and surname of the data owner, telephone number, address, e-mail address, membership information, password information, membership ID number, invoice and payment information, balance information,specific or approximate location information on your location, such as GPS data, that we have obtained during your use of Company services, reports and evaluations reflecting your habits and likes, targeting information, cookie records, etc., your requests and complaints made through the Website, comments that you shared on the Website, your IP address, your allergy to certain foods

can be recorded, processed, retained and transferred as long as the user relationship continues and in any case, within the legal retention periods specified in the relevant Law, can be erased, destructed and anonymized in case the legal retention period expires and in accordance with the relevant Law and the sub-legal regulations related to such Law, the clarification on these issues has been made to my side as per Article 10 of the Law, I have read and understood the relevant Clarification Text, I have granted my explicit consent, without any influence or pressure, to the collection, recording, processing, retention and transferring of the aforementioned personal data and personal data of special nature belongs to me specified under this Explicit Consent Declaration by Fazla Gıda. 

Please kindly indicate your preference for the processing of your personal data.